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Diet for a chess player

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Chess is a game that requires strong mental health and ability. To play chess and be a chess master your brain should be sound so in order to keep pace with it, the diet should be accordingly and very important. Normally mental and physical exercises are advised to chess players to boost their performances. Chess is undoubtedly a demanding sport and a serious game between masters can take up to 7 hours in a single game. So mental and physical strengths both are very important and so is the diet.  So here our main focus will be on the diet of the chess player. Breakfast is the first and most important meal of the day and it has a direct impact on mental and physical health and strength. Other than the strength it has many biological benefits too. For instance, it has a direct impact on:

  • Glucose levels in the brain and liver.
  • Supply of nutrients essential for the production of neurotransmitters.

Mental concentration can be affected if a person does intellectual work (chess) without the intake of breakfast. Breakfast helps you to keep your brain active but eating an excessive amount of food can have a negative impact.

Diet before a chess game

Food intake two hours before the game has a great impact on players’ performance. Eating excess food can take a great toll on the player as it would be difficult to digest and the bloodstream towards the digestive organs would increase which can result in the player drowsy and sleepy and it can easily affect the game.

Following are the food that should not be eaten before the game:

  • Do not intake fatty foods.
  • Do not take fast food rich in glucose.

Foods that should be eaten before the game can be:

  • Solid foods
  • Chocolates.
  • Cereals
  • Fruits and dry fruits.

Fluids took by some players before the game are:

  • Mineral water.
  • Chocolate shake.
  • Fruits juices
  • coffee.

Furthermore, more fluids should not drink before the game because excessive hydration can impact the game negatively.

High protein and carbonate meals are very advantageous before the game. Also for carbohydrates consumption, consume a good amount of fruits, vegetables, Diet for a Chess Player and rice. Moreover, not eating enough food is also bad and it can have a negative impact on your game. There should be a balanced diet as excessive food and less food are not beneficial for a chess player’s mental and physical strength. Also, sports drinks should be used with awareness as they can have both negative and positive impacts. Lastly, the main meal before the chess game should be at least 3 hours before the game.

Diet during the chess game

Excessive intake of food during the game is beneficial for the players. Similarly, water is essential to take during the game.

Beneficial vitamins for chess players

Vitamin B (B12) is beneficial for chess players as it benefits their energy levels and cell metabolism. Banana and citrus fruits are also great to keep with you in a game. High protein foods are also beneficial during the game.

So above are some eating habits that are very essential for a chess player.

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