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It’s Possible That Sports Betting and Online Gaming Will Significantly Reduce Visits to Atlantic City Casinos

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The expansion of internet gambling and the legalization of sports betting in New Jersey will benefit the state’s casinos but harm the residents of Atlantic City. Those who are anticipating the repeal of the current restriction on sports betting in New Jersey… and in the majority of states across the country… believe that this is the general consensus. Follow this link to view one of these sports betting sites.

Are the first signs of trouble appearing? The monthly casino revenue data has revealed nothing noteworthy. Except for the meteoric rise in online gaming earnings, where customers stay at home while playing in Atlantic City. Online casinos are the gaming industry’s saviors in Atlantic City. size and scope explosion Sports betting will take it to a whole new level.

Internet gambling has proven to be extremely beneficial to both land-based casinos and the New Jersey state treasury. It’s bad news for anyone who lives, works, or owns a business in Atlantic City that isn’t a casino.

Online casino gambling and wagering on sports games

At the moment, internet gambling is only legal in three states. This figure could rise to four, then skyrocket if the prohibition on sports betting is lifted later this month. With the exception of Nevada, Montana, Oregon, and Delaware, a 1992 statute prohibits state-authorized sports gambling. Online gaming and online sports betting go hand in hand, according to David Schwartz, an expert in gaming studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He thought that offering sports betting over the internet was a logical step. “Once you have the procedures in place for allowing people to bet on sports, it’s not a huge step to allow them to bet on casino games or poker as well,” the man explained. “Once those systems are in place.”


The Supreme Court may decide to legalize sports betting in the near future, which could lead to an increase in online gambling activity. This would benefit Atlantic Casinos, but it would harm non-casino businesses, employment opportunities, and homeowners in Atlantic City. Who stands to benefit the most from the rise of online gambling and sports betting? Some of the major players in this industry include casino operators, sports leagues, sports media, state governments, platform providers, service providers, and customer acquisition platforms.

The introduction of online casinos and sports betting in Atlantic City will not result in the creation of new jobs or an increase in tourism. The residents of this wonderful community have been let down by their elected officials at both the local and state levels.

If the Supreme Court strikes down the anti-sports betting statute, New Jersey, along with dozens of other states, could quickly legalize it. Monmouth Park has already started preparing for the possibility that this rule will be overturned by converting their sports bar into a sports betting parlor.

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Americans place approximately $150 billion in illegal sports wagers each year.

Will the proliferation of online gambling deter people from visiting Atlantic City instead of staying at home? This is the overwhelming majority of people’s opinion. Except for gamblers and politicians with political ties who adore the idea Given the city’s current precarious financial situation, it is naive to believe that internet gambling and expanding betting in Pennsylvania will not harm the city’s economy. We believe the situation will worsen if a significant portion of the City Council is high on marijuana obtained legally. (Not that they wouldn’t be in a haze even if the marijuana wasn’t present)

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