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A beginners guide to slingo – the brother of bingo

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There are many different variations of bingo such as bar bingo and online bingo at Barbados Bingo. What many players may not have heard of is slingo, the brother of bingo. Below is a beginners guide to slingo. 

What is Slingo? 

What do you get when you mix one of the most popular casino games, slots, with the ever popular game bingo? You get Slingo! This game is a mixture of slots and bingo, it offers all the fun that you can get spinning the reels on your favourite slot with the added experience of trying to get a bingo. While it sounds like a cheesy concept, it has become more popular over the years, with developers noticing its potential financial gain because of its popularity among players. It is certainly a one of a kind experience that fans of either game should try atleast once. 

How do you Play Slingo? 

With two games combined, you would be forgiven for thinking that slingo would be an incredibly complicated game to play. The truth is that it is actually the complete opposite. Slingo is easy to understand and play! The game is set on a reel of five by five, it has a reel already set up. Just looking at the layout of a slingo game, you can see how this is a mixture of bingo and slots. If you already know how to play either bingo or slots then the good news is that you are halfway to learning how to play slingo! Even if you haven’t played either game it won’t take too long to get the hang of slingo. You spin the reel as you would in any other slot game, except that this time the numbers that you see on the reel can be crossed off of the bingo card. An average game offers twenty spins but this sometimes varies, there is a chance that with each spin you will be able to cross off a number which will lead to a large cash prize! 

Tips to Win 

Winning a slingo game is not as difficult as you think, all players have to do is get the twenty numbers crossed off their bingo card before the time runs out. If you are down to a few numbers whilst the time enters its final minute slingo can become a truly tense game to play. The good news is that even if you do run out of time, the game gives you the option to buy new spins. If you would prefer not to purchase spins then you’ll be happy to know that you can always win a few spins on the reels by collecting multipliers to increase your overall points total. 


Conclusion – Why you Should Play Slingo 

There are many reasons why you should play slingo. Being a mix of two of the most popular gambling games means that players can expect double the enjoyment and double the fun! It’s gameplay may be simple but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fun. Slingo is offering a unique game that manages to provide an exciting experience whilst also being relatively simple to play, something that should not have been possible considering it is a mixture of two completely different games.

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