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Stickman Tennis – Serve Volley and Win the Match

by Soha Sehzadi
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Stickman Tennis: Serve Volley and Win the Match puts you in control of a stick figure player who can hit the ball with different kinds of shots. Play against a range of opponents and try to win every march.

This is a fun arcade game with a realistic twist, complete with manual running and 64 tournaments to compete in. There’s also a full career mode, although this feels rather half-heartedly implemented, with short matches and no season progression.

Table tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping-pong or whiff-whaff, is a sport in which players hit a light ball back and forth across a table using small rackets. It is a fast-paced game that requires quick reaction and constant attention. It also places a greater emphasis on spin than most other ball sports.

One of the keys to winning table tennis is managing your emotions. If you let your frustration or disappointment over a missed opportunity affect your performance, it can ruin your whole match. You should always try to keep a calm head and think about how you can improve your next shot.


The serve is a crucial part of every rally in table tennis. It must be struck above the net assembly and clear it before returning it. This allows the receiver to see where it is headed and prepare accordingly. A good server will hit the ball to the opponent’s backhand corner and use variations in placement.

Rules of the game

Stickman Tennis is a fun and challenging table tennis game. You can play against an opponent or the computer. The controls are intuitive and the game has a lot of replay value. The game has a simple, amateur look that belies its depth.

Besides the classic rules of the sport, this game includes a number of exciting features that make it stand out from other table tennis games. For instance, players can run into the center of the court and shout “tick-tick” after each point scored. This adds to the excitement and makes it more exciting for everyone involved in the game.

This fast-paced mini-game features stunning 3D graphics and a great variety of different challenges. You can choose from a quick match, tournament, and practice mode to test your skills. The game also has an astonishing atmosphere and a huge amount of replay value. You can even customize your player and racquet to suit your style.


Stickman Tennis is a simple-looking but fun-to-play table tennis game for iPhone. Players control a stick figure and compete against opponents in quick games or tournaments. After a set, the team that didn’t serve will be the first to win the next one.

The app’s interface is clean and well-organized. It offers a training mode and an online ranking system. It also provides players with feedback on their shots, such as if they were too early or too late. The game is free to play, but it has in-app purchases for extra replays.

The latest in the Stickman Sports series, it features a fast-paced realistic tennis simulation on magnificent courts with a bewildering atmosphere, straightforward controls and a ton of replay value. Create your own player, customize and improve him then push him to the limit in various seasons or cups. Play top spins, slices and lobs in fully 3D environments. Choose between programmed and manual running.


Stickman Tennis is a cute and simple game that has some depth that you wouldn’t expect based on its name, price or style. The graphics are cute and amateurish, but the gameplay is enjoyable and the game does a good job of showing the physics of tennis.

Each time the opponent hits a ball, it will bounce on one of two corners of the table. Run to the correct side to catch the ping-pong ball before it shrinks and disappears. The faster your opponents are, the quicker the ball will shrink.

Play quick games or complete tour seasons of Tennis against 100 unique adversaries. Play top twists, cuts, throws and crushes, as well as cross, longline and back to front and choose between programmed and manual running. Train your shots on the preparation court with a ball machine too.

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