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What is the definition of low-code application development?

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Low-code application development is a visual, model-driven approach to developing and deploying software. Low-code environments enable firms to stay nimble, break down departmental boundaries, and boost overall productivity by allowing business users and professional developers of various skill levels to construct anything from process automation applications to core systems.

Low-code development has a number of advantages

Obtain unrivaled time-to-value

  • The use of existing skills, fast supply apps that your business enterprise requires.
  • Low-code features like a development toolkit (based on developer expertise), a visual user interface, reusable components, and more can boost developer efficiency.

Build more at a larger scale

  • Develop a wide range of solutions, from process automation apps to mission-critical system upgrading, all without incurring significant costs.
  • Offer stop-users exciting online, cell, conversational, or immersive stories to ensure ongoing development.
  • Create scalable, maintainable solutions with cloud-native architecture.

Create a new way of thinking about development

  • To build good business-IT cooperation, break down silos.
  • Increase the number of developers in the organization who can build apps and contribute.
  • Hold flexibility if you want to reply rapidly to converting corporation and client demands.

Low-code platform with all the bells and whistles

Mendix, the all-in-one Low code Alternatives – Compare Wavemaker Vs Mendix vs OutSystems vs Powerapps, helps you build better software quicker by abstracting and automating the development process.

Wavemaker Empower co-creation across a broad developer spectrum with a shared visual language and dedicated IDEs to rapidly and efficiently meet business goals.

Without specific skills, you can create and deliver portable, scalable, and resilient apps on the cloud. In a single click, deploy anywhere.


Create visually appealing, context-aware smart applications that provide outstanding user experiences across several touchpoints and modalities.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence

Embrace smart applications; combine AI and cognitive services in a fluid manner to improve your solution.

Automated Intelligence

With apps that connect people, data, and systems, deliver end-to-end process automation.

Integration of data

Every level of the platform, model, and application is open and expandable. Data and logic from any data source, system, or service can be integrated.

Who can create with low-code?

Low code application development platform for enterprises, Isvs, and Banks may be used to create applications by all people with a concept. Low-code is aimed to supplement and synchronize the work of many developers by providing separate development environments for business users and professional developers.

Developers who are professionals According to a recent Gartner poll, 66 percent of low-code development platform customers are business IT department professional developers. Professional developers, at their heart, aspire to create innovative software solutions to tackle complicated issues. Developers who use low-code have access to a customized IDE and a comprehensive toolset that is suited to their specific needs. Then there’s customising programs, consuming data from many sources, developing mobile apps, and leveraging microservice architecture.

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