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Why Residential Phone Service is Still Your Best Bet for International Calls?

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Landline phones continue to remain an essential service for both residential and business customers. And for various reasons too! However, the debate surrounding landlines is not a new one, for the older generation still holds a flame for this beloved age-old service, whereas the newer lot doesn’t understand the fascination with a tortoise-level slow service. But that’s not the case anymore! Landline phone services that are offered today have become digital, like so many other aspects of daily life. 

Your Landline Phone Service – Necessary or Just Another Option?

Landline phone services are still considered an important investment by serious consumers, who think long-term. However, that’s not the case with the hippier crowd, who want something handy because they feel restricted by landline technology as it involves wiring and cable connections at the user end. Although this is not even considered a restriction by more mature counterparts, who may still look at landline phone technology with much fondness. That’s because it symbolizes factors of a bygone era, like trustworthiness, reliability, and personal security. Though these factors are also present today people want something that’s nifty and gets the job done in a heartbeat. That’s why wireless tech is so ultra-popular for its uber-fast and delivers glitch-free service within seconds!

However, it is important to note that despite being agile, wired tech still lets down its respective consumer base. More so, the landline tech present today is massively different from the landline that existed decades ago. Nonetheless, even they can’t argue with the exceptional call reception of the trusty landline phone. Or that its high-quality service never lets them down, especially in times of distress and urgency. Interestingly, it is estimated that more than 44 percent of U.S.-based households, even today, have a landline phone installed in their households and personal spaces.

Landline – Just A Difference in Perspectives

Whether you are flying within the country or flying coach abroad, it is impossible to travel without a smartphone that keeps you connected with home while capturing all the important moments of your trip. This is especially important, especially since one requires access to Google Maps or travel websites like Expedia. 


Although popular home phone service providers like Cox or Spectrum vouch for a reliable wireless connection that’s highly useful when traveling, data usage within the U.S. is still on the pricey side, ultimately depending on the service provider. It’s scary if one doesn’t take care of this matter for every moment spent online while you are on the go, hefty bills can be drawn up if one is not careful about daunting roaming charges.

Use a Landline Service Like AT&T Residential Phone Service

Ranked as one of the top telecom companies in the U.S. and coming in at number 22 on the world charts, AT&T is a different ball game altogether! The best part is whether one picks up any one of the AT&T Bundles that are priced on monthly basis or one of its standalone services, like internet, TV (that’s now offered by DIRECTV), home phone, or its wireless service, it stands apart from other service providers in the select regions. Furthermore, AT&T Wireless enables users to call and even text internationally, whether one is located within the perimeters of the U.S. or when traveling abroad.

Making International Calls with AT&T Residential Phone Service

Subscribers can find the code of the country they want to text/call, as mentioned on the international long-distance list. For instance, the country code for Mexico has been changed to 52. Previously it was 521, which means that a user has to dial +52 before the Mexico-based phone number. Users who want to send texts or make calls outside the United States will have to press ‘+’ or 011 on their cellphones, then the country code with the local number. Users outside the U.S., who want to call a U.S.-based phone number from another country need to press +1, then the area code, followed by the local number.

Receive International Calls with AT&T Residential Phone Service

Here’s what one needs to follow to receive all kinds of calls and texts from users outside the U.S. Users based in the U.S., can text or call using the phone number the usual way. When users are outside the country, they can simply enter the country access number, then enter just 1, and the wireless phone number. 

Users Can Make International Calls With AT&T Wi-Fi

Many times, users who are traveling outside the U.S. are worried about staying in touch with friends and family back home. To ensure that they always stay connected, U.S. residents can use the AT&T Wi-Fi and make international calls seamlessly without worrying about the occasional glitch. For this, one needs the AT&T Wi-Fi service, an AT&T-compatible smartphone, or even AT&T prepaid phone (with the Wi-Fi turned off) for their use. Or maybe, purchase one of the terrific home phone plans and you are good to go!

Wrapping Up

No matter how advanced the world around us becomes, old-world charm found in traditional tech pieces will continue to amaze us. While one can easily misplace their smartphone but don’t expect that with a landline phone. What’s more, its high durability ensures that all call-related worries are instantly whooshed away!

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