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Odds of Successful Betting in Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Are you a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) enthusiast hoping to make a profit betting on the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)?  This beginner-friendly guide to understanding betting on the Ultimate Fighting Championship is all you need.

The most prominent MMA competition is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This competition is the showpiece of MMA, and fighters dream of being a part of it.

A five-year deal with ESPN to televise the UFC has been a major boost to UFC betting. This boost in popularity has led to more betting markets and chances to win. s. 

Today’s blog is dedicated to understanding the odds and market volatility in MMA betting so that new punters can exploit the opportunities. You can make money online and have fun at the same time. 


Expert Strategies to UFC Betting: Evaluating the Odds

Once you understand the odds, the opportunities will arise. Let’s explain the UFC odds with an example. Suppose Max Holloway is playing Brian Ortega. You sign up on your favourite site, and you see:

  • Ortega to win: -150
  • Holloway to win: +150

What Does the Number Signify?

The MMA odds are displayed in decimal, fractions, or signs. American odds are indicated with plus or negative signs. Positive odds mean higher chances of winning. So, if you invest $100 on Holloway, you might win $150. 

These odds fundamentally indicate the anticipated possibility of each result, estimated by the bookmaker. Although each combatant’s actual odds of success are unknown and undefinable, The fighters will wear an MMA mouthguard bookies leverage the available data to assess the contest’s results. In this example, Holloway has 40% more chances of defeating Ortego. Again, these odds are evaluated by bookmakers and are necessarily not always perfect.

Types of Bets

Bettors must also know about the different markets since investing in some can reap great value compared to others. 

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline is the most popular UFC betting market for its ease of understanding and simplicity. This is simple Head to Head betting. You pick a fighter to win, and if he is successful, you get paid out. It’s that simple. 

Total Rounds Betting

This strategy is second after Moneyline betting. Here the bookmakers announce an over or under total based on how many rounds they think the fight will go for. The punter chooses to either bet OVER or UNDER the total rounds stipulated. This is popular with punters who believe they have a grasp of the tactics employed in the fight. Will the fighters go for a KO early? Will it be a battle of fitness? 

Method of Victory Betting

Here, punters predict how the fight will be won. There are three options; KO/KTO, decision, or submission. The more knowledge the punter has of the fighters, the better chance he has of getting a payout of this bet type.. 

Round Betting

This betting type involves predicting the round in which the fight will finish. Some fighters like to get their fights over quickly, while others prefer to use their fitness as a weapon.  

Placing the Bet: Tips to Remember

Quality over quantity is the 101 of MMA betting. 

Here are our betting tips for winners:

  • Pick your fights and do your research. Some of the best resources you can use for free are Tapology, UFC Fight Pass, and FightMetric.
  • Find value in your bets. 
  • Keep up to date with MMA trends and rule changes. 
  • Go back over old bets and learn from your 

Wrapping Up

Gambling on MMA can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. Do your research, use the free resources, and create your own betting strategy. 

Share your queries related to live sports betting with us, and we will be happy to address them.

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